A downloadable game for Windows

You're a wizard, collecting items to prepare a ritual. Sadly, the cats are out of the bag, trying to prevent you from doing it. Will you be able to complete the ritual?

This game was made during the 48 hours of Global Game Jam 2016.

Official GGJ16 entry


  • Martin Gebske - Game Design/VFX
  • Martin Beierling - Programmer
  • Huu Long - Programmer
  • Thi Hong Duong (koyo) Do - 2D Artist
  • Johannes Freimuth - 3D Artist
  • Max(-Michael) Klostermann - Music & Sound


Don't Do That - GGJ16 version 44 MB


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This is a very well made game, I love the aerial view and design. I did a Let's Play! / Review:


Awesome! :-)


Wow. You managed to complete the hardest difficulty, barely using any spell. Congrats!